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my loves

Russion and Sussex  woman are the best i love em,thats about the thick of it,oh and good quality weed think that is great as well, both at same time, check your pulse my friend because your dead and in heaven.

Long sexy legs,short legs any legs and feet ultimate turn on.

Red heads, think there real sexy, blonde and brunettes to,  i think personally woman are seriously underrated i mean,there hours off fun,they feel great,they smell good and they taste out of this world if you treat her right she will last for years,(Trust me the older they get the better they get),Each one is a individual, with her own special qualities needs and tastes,its a challenge to find the girl within but worth it,so don’t just be interested in unwrapping the package she came in,

They make everything from cars to clubs look better. Each one has a different fantacy to fulfill and need to cater for, There great for cuddling any time of day,and it is scientifically proven they greatly aid comfort and relaxation, most men tend to focus on the stress side though missing out on the quality chill/cuddle time with your head buried deep in a lovely warm set of shapely breasts, listening to the every heartbeat and very life source of the one you love (if you cant shes dead so get dressed, pull the covers over her and run) right where was i,  to wind it up for now, ladies whatever colour, size, age (legal) and shape you are i Lee Hensman worship and really appreciate you from head to toe Thank you for your individuality your tastes, your smells and your hours of fun, thankyou for the relaxing times, thank you for the fun times, thankyou for letting me have my fantasy’s and naughty thoughts over you,thankyou for being you. Remember however low, left out, forgoten, neglected or unappreciated you feel or are, remember one thing, i will always love you all, yes everyone of you, for what and who you are,  oh and finally, Guys yer they can drive better than us. X.x.x.x.x